Vitamins For Dogs – calming treats for dogs

Vitamins For Dogs -calming treats for dogs

Vitamins For Dogs -calming treats for dogs

Dogs just like us humans need adequate nutrition for a well-functioning body and to have a longer life. Many of us don’t treat our dogs merely as our pets. In fact calming treats for dogs, we consider them to be a part of the family, an extended member at that. It is for this reason that we are very concerned about their health and welfare and we ensure that they not only live comfortably but live to be happy with us.

The need for vitamins…

Vitamins are very important for our dog’s growth, metabolism and vision. They are necessary to have strong teeth and bones. Vitamins are also necessary if our dogs are working dogs and especially if they are under stress and training. Like humans, they need vitamins to supplement the food that they are eating for body nutrition.

We may not be aware but our pets may be experiencing poor nutrition if we don’t feed it properly with a well-balanced meal. Although most dog food manufacturers claim to provide pet food that contains all the essential nutrients needed by your pet pooch calming treats for dogs, we cannot assure ourselves that it is complete in itself and is a balanced diet. We may not even be aware of its ingredients and as it goes through the chemical processes preservatives are often added and many natural vitamins as well as minerals are actually lost in the process of making the canned or dried dog food.

Also, we live in an environment that is filled with harmful elements from pollution to harmful chemicals that may be in our surroundings. Our pets need vitamins to help their bodies fight against these toxic environmental elements.

Diseases that may have affected the health of our dogs can weaken cells and vitamins are vital to help revitalize your dog’s hampered cells and bring back the strength and energy that your dog may have lost when experiencing sickness.

The selection process…calming treats for dogs

Now that we have realized the importance of vitamin supplements for our dogs, we are faced with the task of choosing an appropriate vitamin for your beloved pooch. You have to remember that in choosing a vitamin for your pet you have to consider your dog’s age and body condition. A good start will be to choose a multivitamin if you are not sure of the particular needs of your pet. A multivitamin contains all the needed vitamins and minerals needed by your dog.

Choose a good vitamin that will help your dog restore his vigor, revive his playful nature especially for old dogs and help fight off aging. Vitamins made from natural ingredients are ideal and especially those that are low in calories. You don’t have to worry about your dog detesting these vitamins for they are made with great taste and may come in either liquid or chewable form.

I would strongly suggest that to ensure the need of your dog you consult with a veterinarian who could recommend a vitamin supplement best fit for your pet.

Start your pets early especially while they are still puppies. Your dog will definitely benefit from these vitamins and live healthy for a longer life span.